Activity Badges

Take part in three activities with other Beaver Scouts that will
provide adventure. Two should be activities that they have not
tried before.

Air Activities
1. Make a paper dart out of paper and see how well it flies
2. Find out about a particular aeroplane and tell others in the colony about it. Examples might be Concord, Spitfire, Airbus, Lynx helicopter etc
3. Talk to someone who has flown in a plane, helicopter or hot air balloon and find out what it was like
4. If they have already flown in a plane – tell others in the Colony what it was like. If not, tell them what they would like to fly in, and why

Animal Friend
1. Know how to care for an animal, fish or insect
2. Help to take care of an animal for one month
3. Tell others in the Colony about the animal
4. Know about the correct food to feed the animal, including type, variety and quantity
5. Know about the habitat of the animal, such as where it sleeps etc
6. Know how to exercise the animal
7. Keep a record of the food given to the animal and what they do with the animal for a period of two weeks.

1. explain/know about a creative activity
2. take part in the creative activity
3. tell the Colony about the activity.
Examples of creative activities include:
• Putting on a show or form of entertainment
• Making a mobile, origami shapes, a model out of clay or plasticine, a painting or drawing or doing conjuring tricks

1. Decide what to do and try and work out what might happen
2. Investigate something of interest to find out how it works; or grow something from seed
3. Tell others in the Colony what they saw and discovered.
Some examples of experiments could include:
• Growing a bulb
• Growing mustard and cress, a seed potato, bean or carrot
• Showing how a torch works from the bits that make it up
• Showing what a magnet can do, or making a game using